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  • Druid Caster Bundle

    €20.00 €16.00

    Save money and receive a total of 20% discount on Leaves & Stars by buying the Combo package!

    Sale!Druid Caster Bundle
  • Leaves – Tree Heals Go Whoosh


    Instead of mindlessly executing a set rotation like other routines, Leaves uses a powerful engine with advanced logic to select optimal targets for healing. Spells are efficiently chosen to maintain extremely high healing output while maintaining perfect mana management. Leaves can currently react faster than any other healers and squeeze out more healing per mana spent than even professional raiders.

    Leaves – Tree Heals Go WhooshLeaves – Tree Heals Go Whoosh
  • Stars – Flurry From The Sky


    Highly refined rules and logic for applying and clipping DoTs to get the maximum benefit. DoTs are incredibly important to balance druids, and with Stars’ specialized engine you will out-perform any other players in dot management. Multiple targets is handled seamlessly without any extra work on your part, just sit back and decimate your competition.

    Stars – Flurry From The SkyStars – Flurry From The Sky
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