Miracles, we make them happen!

Amazing extensions for Honorbuddy GmbH

Multi Layered Customization

Extensions are created with much precision and quality in mind. Bringing an extensive feature set to the users, while conserving usability for the simpler minded.

Fast and Light Weight

Our extensions fully support both hard and soft-lock with minimal impact on your framerate. Which is made possible by building our extensions as modular as possible and utilizing clean and efficient code.

Dedicated Support

Support is given directly by the developer(s) in charge of the extension(s), and they try to help the customers to their full length.

Carefully Crafted

Our extensions are created to excel at it’s purpose, aiming for perfection within reasonable boundaries..

Solid framework

By re-using and optimizing our existing framework(s) and solution(s) we’ve developed a solid and efficient framework and feature set.

Highly Customizable

All extensions come with a complete feature set. Providing the users the ability to tailor things the way they want it.

We Craft Extensions & Applications

Miracle Business Solutions is led by Mirabis. As IT Enthusiast and World of Warcraft fan I strive to provide extensions for one of the most popular bots made for World of Warcraft, Honorbuddy. This enthusiasm and interest gets translated into useful applications to make my and your WoW lives easier. Have you always wanted to be rich(wowgold ofc..), a pro pvp player or have the skills to raid in hardcore raid teams? Than you are at the right place!

Although Mirabis is currently focused on the Honorbuddy Framework alone, we might expand to new platforms in the future.

Vision and Mission

To create a better botting experience for the many people.

Our Philosophy

Give people control over a skill-set they do not have.

Services we offer

Custom made plugins, bot-bases or combat routines upon request and agreement.

Our Commitments

As students we devote most of our free time to develop and learn new things.

Contact Me

We might not be around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.